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Matt P Transformation

I came to Raf for help because I had attempted many times to loose body fat and failed through a number of gyms and techniques along with poor diets that I found I couldn’t realistically stick to long term, I felt lost and stuck with my body and all I wanted was to lose weight and become leaner and stronger not only for my self-esteem but to improve my lifestyle. Raf met with me and straight away his persona said positive thinking and you will reach your goals if you aim high, Raf gave me a self confidence I had never had in my whole fitness life and following his guidance was not easy to start with but did sink in and once I started I could not stop wanting to hit the goals he was setting me. Now 2 yrs later I feel like a different person, I have lost weight & gained shape and strength by listening to his diet plan, something I have learnt is I can you do it & it just takes time & determination if you want results and to change Raf is the person to get you to that place. I am so grateful to Raf for his time & patience for all his support and ongoing motivation no matter what’s thrown at this guy he always has an infectious smile to keep you pushing to success.

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