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Dave’s Transformation

In 2014 I was working in Sittingbourne in Kent and I used to attend the Snap Fitness Gym this is where I first met Rafal the founder of Team RAF. At that time my main interest in the gym were the various classes they ran and to use the gym for my own purposes, I was looking for a personal trainer to help me with my general fitness and to improve my stamina. I was also looking for a trainer to assist me with some Boxing fitness as the Box fitness class was no longer running at the gym due to lack of participant interest. I approached Rafa and asked him if he could give me an assessment followed by assisting me with a few personal lessons and tuition. After a several weeks it became very clear that Rafa was dedicated to my wellbeing and my fitness requirements especially with the boxing training and the programme that he had me do to improve my whole physical strength. What was good for me is that Rafal also assisted the gym by carrying out several types of fitness classes for them, and what was quite noticeable is the fact whenever Rafal was taking the class the participation increased tremendously which made them even more interesting. To this extent I then continued training with Rafa as my personal trainer for a year or more until such time as I completed my project in Sittingbourne and had to leave. I now go to a gym in the North of England where I am now based. I do not have a personal trainer up here as unfortunately There is only one Rafal. David Dalton

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